Columbia University Medical Center

Student Testimonial

Hi Dr. Marks,

I'm a former SPURS student of 2008. I wanted to simply say hi, thank you, and update you on my status.

Soon after leaving your lab, I started at the MEDPREP program at Southern Illinois University. I enrolled to enhance my medical school credentials and my GPA. Since starting the program I've achieved a 3.97 GPA and won a scholarship for academic excellence and dedication to service.

At this point I've taken my MCAT (scored a 32) and am applying to medical schools, including P&S. I wanted to let you know that the SPURS program and lab experience I had at CUMC were a turning point. Up to then, I had been told by countless advisers that I should probably relinquish my dreams of being a physician.

To come to CUMC and have you and Mr. Dindas tell students like me that we were bright and had great potential, were a first. To say the least, it felt great! It instilled and nurtured a sense of confidence that pushed me to find a way to meet my goals, hence my decision to pursue the post-bacc program.

Overall, I am doing great. I hope your doing well and that the program continues to flourish. Thank you for your time.